Tomtom one updating

03-Dec-2017 13:11

The Tom Tom Go 520 is a smart sat nav that may need a phone to unleash its full potential but it's packed with functionality and is achingly simple to use.

The screen is clear and bright, the maps second to none.

Then again, so is any phone packed with Google Maps. Convenience for a start, having a separate device dedicated to guiding you where to go means you aren't reliant on fumbling through your phone - and its myriad message pop ups and other things to divert your attention - while in transit, as well as access to Tom Tom Maps which is still the best in the business.

The Go 520 stops short of being a must buy, mainly because of its puny battery life and reliance on your phone's data for traffic updates.

The Tom Tom Go 520 retains the premium look and feel of the Go 5200.

Gone is the fiddly mount of the more basic sat-nav range and in its place is a quick-release magnetic mount, that allows you to slip the sat nav out with ease. We recommend you connect it to your home Wi-Fi straight away.

You get hands-free calling, which is pretty much standard now, but you can also summon whichever voice assistant you are using - whether it's Siri or Android's offering.

There's a button on the screen you need to press, once done you can can control your voice assistant as you would on the phone.

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The bonus is you don't have to go anyway near computer, it's all done in-device, just head to Updates & New Items in the settings pane.The battery, as is the case for most sat navs, is short.