Updating a lamp base with paint adultsexdating com

09-Nov-2017 17:07

My plan was to spray paint the shades a dark blue to match the darkest color in our bedding. It seems a little crazy to pay so much more for shades than I paid for the lamps, but I love them how the shape will update the lamps in the bedroom.

It is going to be tough to stay in the budget on this room with the burlap curtains and the lamp shades but I guess it just means I have to be very creative with decorating the rest. Take pictures as you go along if it is the first time you have taken a lamp apart.

I was worried about the particle board showing through, and taking in too much paint, so I gave it 3 coats before calling it good.

I’m still debating putting a chalkboard layer over it – what do you think??

I put together this handy dandy photo tutorial that you can easily pin and store for reference! It cleans ANYTHING, it’s safe and all-natural, and since it’s concentrated, very cheap! While I normally stick to Rustoleum or Krylon spray paint, I will be unloyal for this color.

If the iron is rusty or has been previously painted, the rust or paint should be removed before new painting is begun. I need to add some color and fun to the bedroom, but I love the romance and sparkle of the lamps too.I thought about spray painting the cut glass, but decided to work on the brass and lamp shades instead. Great size, shape and they have a dark blueish ribbon at the top and bottom.The bolt on the bottom was tough so Hubby had to use several tools to loosen it. The wires go in the hole at the base of this one first- not all lamps do this.

I laid it all out and photographed just the metal part so that we could remember the order. then into the metal rod, then the rod into the body of this lamp. a The metal parts went back on, then the socket, then the socket cover.

I went back to our local thrift store to see if I could find a better shade, and this time, they had it!