Updating basement what colors

23-Dec-2017 04:12

While they aren’t too expensive to buy, they can add up quickly.

If you don’t mind heading to the craft and hardware store, you can pick up the supplies to make a beautiful shade that won’t hurt your wallet.

You can get crown molding either online or at a local hardware store.

Depending on the style you’re looking at, it should cost you around 0-300, and a few hours of your time on a few weekends.

Here’s a link to the full tutorial if you want to make a bowtie pillow: Don’t limit yourself to just one option though, here are a bunch more, and here is another detailed guide on how to make them (sewing instructions included).

(Image source) – Make sure to plan ahead if you aren’t an experienced craftsman, as it will take a significant amount of time and patience to build.One elegant solution is to install a beadboard ceiling. You’ll need to get beadboard from any local hardware store (easy), but then you need to measure it out correctly and cut it so that it fits your ceiling.