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08-Aug-2017 13:24

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Execute Non Query(); Int32 category ID = (Int32) command. If you were, then this would be working (assuming your database were otherwise correctly configured to allow access from the impersonated user). It's using whatever account the worker process is running under, which in most cases will be either an Application Pool identity, or Network Service, both of which use the machines Active Directory account for credentials.Execute Non Query(); The following code example executes the stored procedure created by the sample code in Performing Catalog Operations. No rows are returned by the stored procedure, so the Execute Non Query method is used, but the stored procedure does receive an input parameter and returns an output parameter and a return value.

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The fundamental difference between the two is that XSL-FO is intended for creating paged, printable documents, whilst HTML is more suited to onscreen documents. NET processes XML documents that conform to the XSL-FO specification and produces Adobe PDF documents.

Otherwise you will get following message after hosting application in IIS. So to register framework in IIS, run the following command in command window. NET version v4.0.30319 without updating all script maps.

After installing Rational System Architect XT, the following command was run: C:\windows\Microsoft.

In most cases, you should be getting an error if you try to impersonate on IIS7 , so the question really is... @Libin TK - That doesn't make much sense, you should be seeing an error such as this: stackoverflow.com/questions/12966286/…

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That tells me you have something misconfigured somewhere.. Unless you've bypassed this with @Libin TK - However, since you are setting the username explicitly in the web.config (as opposed to simply using the user credentials of the logged in user), what you should be doing instead is running the app pool as that user.

For the Rational System Architect XT Web Service add-on product, the Registration tool was run with the following command: C:\windows\Microsoft.