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Clinton used an effective defense and directed her client to plead guilty to a much lesser charge.Decades later, the victim said that the defense counsel had put her "through hell" during the legal process; Hillary Clinton has called the trial a "terrible case".In one of the Clinton governorship's most important initiatives, she fought a prolonged but ultimately successful battle against the Arkansas Education Association to establish mandatory teacher testing and state standards for curriculum and classroom size.The firm considered her a "rainmaker" because she brought in clients, partly thanks to the prestige she lent it and to her corporate board connections.Clinton appointed his wife to be the chair of the Rural Health Advisory Committee the same year, Both of these became subjects of controversy in the 1990s.On February 27, 1980, Rodham gave birth to her only child, daughter Chelsea.By then, Rodham was viewed as someone with a bright political future.

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There she researched various migrant workers' issues including education, health and housing.

Following her husband's November 1978 election as Governor of Arkansas, Rodham became that state's First Lady in January 1979.