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01-Jan-2018 03:39

Essentially, you’re looking for someone else to see the best in you and believe in you. If you’re in the habit of feeling bad about feeling down or insecure, or generally having emotional reactions to emotions, you will inevitably end up feeling stuck and helpless.Give yourself what you’re seeking from them before making that call. Get in the habit of telling yourself, “I have a right to feel how I feel.” This will help you understand your feelings and work through them much more easily, because you won’t be so deeply embedded in negativity about yourself.It wasn’t a sign of weakness that I needed to put in some effort; it was a sign of strength that I was willing to do it.It’s one of life’s great ironies, that it feels so natural to feel bad about feeling bad. When we stop blaming ourselves for having room to grow, we’re free to focus our energy on doing it.Once again, this doesn’t need to be an alternative to seeking compassion from others; it just provides a secure foundation from which you’ll be better able to receive that.Oftentimes, when we’re feeling down on ourselves, we feel a (sometimes subconscious) desire to punish ourselves.

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Getting help from others is only one part of the equation.I was simply choosing the easier option--far too easy.