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Additionally, the attribute keyword can takes two arguments, the attribute's name and a scalar or coderef to be used as it's default value.package My App:: Person; use Validate:: Class; attribute 'first_name' = sub ; attribute 'email_address'; 1; build The build keyword (or bld) registers a coderef to be run at instantiation much in the same way the common BUILD routine is used in modern OO frameworks.It ships with a complete set of pre- defined validations and filters referred to as "directives".

It will store a hashref with pre-define path matching rules for the data structures you wish to validate.See the list of core directives, Validation:: Class:: Directives, or review Validation:: Class:: Directive for insight into creating your own CPAN installable directives.package My App:: Person; use Validate:: Class; # define a custom class-level directive directive 'blacklisted' = ; 1; The directive keyword takes two arguments, the name of the directive and a coderef which will be used to validate the associated field.The coderef is passed four ordered parameters; a directive object, the class prototype object, the current field object, and the matching parameter's value.

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The validator (coderef) is evaluated by its return value as well as whether it altered any error containers.The most common usage of Validation:: Class is to transform class namespaces into data validation domains where consistency and reuse are primary concerns.

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