What is updating virus definitions

15-Jul-2017 18:48

Looking for information how to update Avast version?

Check out our how-to guide on Avast program update – How to Update Your Avast Antivirus 2016 for Free or Download the Avast 2016 Offline Update Files.

Running a virus scan on your computer with outdated definitions is essentially as useful as not running a virus scan at all.

Virus definitions contain information that allows your computer to identify and remove all of the latest viruses from your computer.

If you’re using Microsoft’s free “Security Essentials” anti-virus suite, you can update your virus definitions in just a few seconds by following the right steps. In the box that appears, type “Security Essentials” into the “Search” box.When the process is finished you should get a confirmation ‘As mentioned at the beginning new Avast virus definitions are released daily, but of course you don’t need to update it on the offline computer every day.