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It feels a bit unnecessary to make these explanations since pretty much everyone plays games on their phones now, and it’s not like the original had to slow down to explain how a board game works.One everything gets explained, settles into a rhythm that just lets the characters shine.Although the action sequences are a bit rote and it always feels like the movie could go further with its satire of video games, the film succeeds thanks to its outstanding cast who have excellent comedic chemistry.Although the story proceeds pretty much how you expect, ."She just came in to audition and she was unbelievable. She's perfect for that role." "Paper Towns" is the second John Green novel to become a film -- following close on the heels of smash-hit "Fault In Stars" -- and pulls together a lot of the same team from that film: Wolff (who played a supporting role in "Fault"), as well as Scott Neustadter and Michael H.Weber, who co-wrote both “Fault” and “The Spectacular Now." Delevinge's casting was announced in September, and, although shooting starts soon, only she and Wolff's roles have been unveiled."Paper Towns" picks apart the idea of the "manic pixie dream girl" (a term coined by critic Nathan Rabin, who recently apologized for its existence) -- zeroing in on a boy named Quentin's obsession with free spirit Margo Roth Spiegelman.Former childhood friends, the two occupy separate social spheres until Margo plucks Quentin from smart-boy obscurity to go on a night-long mission of revenge against an ex-boyfriend who cheated and some wayward friends.

The high-schoolers power on the system and end up getting sucked into the game where they take on the avatars they selected: Dr.When tomorrow dawns, however, Margo has disappeared, and Quentin sets out on a quest to find her -- putting himself in her shoes in order to better understand his dream girl.

The still-untitled book should be published in 2018.… continue reading »

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