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23-Jun-2017 00:38

Anne, 42, founded 23and Me, which is a genetic testing and analysis company.

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The pair have reportedly been dating for the past year. Shakira and Gerard Piqué Age gap: 10 years Singer Shakira, 40, and Spanish football player Gerard Piqué also met at the making of a music video for the World Cup last 2010.

Maybe I go hairless down under because I want to, and not because I’ve been mind-warped into thinking I must.

There's also the misconception that de-fuzzing is all “for the men”, and that our male counterparts' bathroom routine consists of nothing more than a nod and a wink in the mirror before heading out.

When women say pubic hair should be left untamed, I take this to mean that they’d prefer to not to have the extreme pressure, shame or embarrassment society makes us feel for having it, while simultaneously wanting to avoid the costly and torturous battle of constantly trying to keep it at bay.

But what if women could have their metaphorical cake and eat it?That magic wand is already here, in the form of a deceptively threatening-looking laser gun.