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That year, Blood on the Dance Floor played Warped Tour in its entirety.For his part, Star appeared to be offering some damning testimony to buttress the widespread claims of sexual misconduct continuously made against Vanity over the previous six years.And of course, it’s anybody’s right to sing about domestic assault if they so choose.

More difficult is untangling the nuances of this new age of opprobrium.’m gonna speak the truth til I die.In 2012, British rockers Lostprophets spent the full summer on the tour.Several months later, singer Ian Watkins was arrested and charged with a spate of crimes.Worse, he had attempted to rape an eleven-month-old baby, which he described as being “mega lolz.” Information regarding the allegations about Watkins might have ostensibly been available, as his ex-girlfriend told police she had attempted to “raise the alarm” on several occasions dating back to 2008.

In addition to these suspicions and proven crimes, Warped Tour has seen its bands come under fire for espousing violence toward women.“Some bands are so breathtakingly stupid they tumble forward into a kind of genius,” writes , the fifth studio album from “Atlanta deathcore knuckle-walkers Attila.” Sounding like somewhat of an apologist, Freeman writes, “There’s an undercurrent of misogyny that pops up from time to time and threatens to spoil the fun.

Lately, he’s had to protect the tour in the face of these accusations and aggressive litigation.