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) while attempting to survive the first year at the U. Lin and Franco would go in opposite directions, but each found considerable success — enough success, anyway, to forget about this movie. (2012)This sloppy, bizarre coming-of-age story about a girl named Cherry (Ashley Hinshaw) who stumbles into the world of pornography is nonsensical and weirdly distant; Roger Ebert amusingly said it was “a movie that suggests prostitution is something that just sort of happens to you, like Lyme disease.” (It also features a bad Dev Patel performance, right in the middle of his awkward phase.) Franco shows up as a wealthy lawyer who romances Cherry but also introduces her to cocaine and porn, and it’s a measure of how sort of gross this movie is that Franco is the straight-laced older suit guy.

He also has some curious facial hair for a high-powered lawyer.

was mostly ignored by audiences, and that’s for the best: Franco hams it up in excruciating fashion as Bryan Cranston mugs all around him as the father trying to deal with Franco dating his daughter. 312012)We know many people who think this is one of Franco’s best performances — a big, brash turn as a soulless, sensationalist celebrity interviewer who decides to prove his journalistic bona fides by landing an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un (Randall Park).

This is one of those high-concept comedies that figured out the cast and then just assumed everything else would fall into place. None of those people are writing this capsule, however, and we’re here to say that we find him absolutely grating in , a spectacular misfire of a satire that never finds the right tone.

Strip away all the art projects — of which there are so, so many — and the bit parts where he plays himself, and focus solely on the traditional released-in-theaters movies that most non-Franco, mortal actors must limit themselves to.

You’ve seen this movie a hundred times, and so has everyone in it: The movie barely musters up enough energy to rouse anyone from slumber.(There is no way he was raised in any outer boroughs.) He does his best, and it’s fun to catch him in movies like this when he feels like he has something to prove, but there’s not much there there.(2006)General rule: When James Franco shows up with flowing, clean, freshly brushed long hair … This Kevin Reynolds Dark Ages romance isn’t actually terrible — you can see an alternate universe here where Franco turns into Richard Gere — but it’s just another jacket Franco was trying on during this period of Hollywood misfires and odd fits.He’s smart, he’s daring, but he’s also a little guarded: He can sometimes come across like more of a of an actor than an actual actor.

Which is why those little moments when he lets himself show are so powerful: There’s charisma and humanity and soul there, and not even Franco can hide it all the time.

Well, James Franco was in that, though not for very long and not to much effect.

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