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Toughest Omission: Dan Roundfield John Drew and Paul Millsap deserve some shoutouts for their contributions in different eras, but no omission was more painful than that of Dan Roundfield.

A defensive stalwart who thrived when he was left around the basket, the power forward just didn't spend enough time wearing the right jersey in the early '80s.

If you’re only tuning into the NBA postseason just now, trust us, you didn’t miss anything.They’re much more equipped to handle the challenges that face them in playoff basketball, which has been proven thus far.” Williams was drafted out of Illinois in 2005, and a dozen years later, this is his first NBA Finals, so you know he’ll be all in it to win it.He also has the individual experience and personal history of hitting the critical shot in the big moment.My depth charts will likely look different than yours, and the ones featured in NBA 2K18will probably be different still—especially if they cater more toward modern players and avoid featuring the old-school legends to whom, when deserved, I often give credit. PG: Mookie Blaylock, Doc Rivers, Lenny Wilkens SG: Lou Hudson, Joe Johnson SF: Dominique Wilkins, Cliff Hagan PF: Bob Pettit, Kevin Willis, Josh Smith C: Al Horford, Dikembe Mutombo, Tree Rollins Head Coach: Mike Fratello Starting Five With a fascinating smorgasbord of players from different eras, the Atlanta Hawks are unquestionably led by Dominique Wilkins—easily the most famous contributor in the franchise's history. Though he only made a single All-Star squad because of his limited scoring acumen, his playmaking skills allowed him to average 6.8 assists and only 2.3 turnovers during his eight seasons with the Hawks.

Even though Cliff Hagan now resides in the Hall of Fame, that wasn't a particularly difficult choice. Bob Pettit's name might not resonate with the younger crowd, but the legendary power forward was the Hawks' first truly great player and led his troops to the 1958 title, back when they still resided in St. Al Horford's lengthy tenure supersedes Dikembe Mutombo's 4.5-year stint, and Lou Hudson and Mookie Blaylock form a tremendous backcourt with shooting ability at the 2 and unabashed defensive excellence at the 1. Lenny Wilkens ultimately beats him out behind five All-Star appearances in his own eight-year run, but it's far closer than some might expect.Michael Jordan won't be wearing a Washington Wizards uniform.