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28-Dec-2017 18:15

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I think he's very insulted, if you want to know the truth,” Trump told reporters travelling with him aboard Air Force One from Danang to Hanoi, on the ninth day of a long Asia tour.Trump voiced similar conclusions after his only previous meeting with Putin, last July in Germany. Saying a Presidential pick you don't like is the Antichrist isn't exactly new — Republican weirdos have been saying it about Barack Obama for years — but with The Donald, well, there are a few pieces of compelling evidence that might make you think that this time, it's different!

who is donald trump dating 2016-56

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Although Trump, his family members and close aides continue to reject any suggestion of collusion, new evidence has emerged that people in Trump's orbit communicated with Russians during the campaign. We do not accept the nuclear status of that country,” Putin said.President Donald Trump said that President Vladimir Putin had assured him again Saturday that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential campaign, and indicated that he believed Putin's sincerity, drawing immediate criticism from lawmakers and former intelligence officials who assessed that the meddling took place.