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'Concussion in the face' But although professional wrestling has its detractors, Sarkodie-Mensah's father, Kwasi, is not one of them.

Mr Sarkodie-Mensah, a lecturer at Boston College in the US, says though many of his friends in Ghana were disappointed that his son became a wrestler rather than an academic like his parents, he is happy his son has found contentment in his career.

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Being able to have an international landscape to start promoting yourself from a grassroots level is amazing, it’s so far ahead of the curve.”Newcastle’s own Adrian Neville is the current NXT Champion, and his cameo on WWE Raw last month whet the appetite for many fans eagerly awaiting his transition to the main roster.

"My first day at work I sat in my cubicle and looked at the empty walls and it was very depressing," he recalls.

The 26-year-old soon decided to swap his business suit for bright yellow wrestler's trunks.

"I cannot bring myself to understand," says a disconsolate Mr Osei-Boadu.

"Why would a person who is very capable of going to graduate school decide to jettison all that for concussion in the face?"She's very happy I am doing what I want to do," he says of his mother.

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