Who is prince the musician dating

24-Jun-2017 07:53

The perfect illustration of just what a rackety life he has led came in a little reported court case this week.

Even as the funeral service was being held at St Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge, a young woman who might well have become the next Countess Mountbatten, Nicholas’s former fiancee, Anglo-Jamaican Zeaphena Badley, 35 — to whom he was engaged for 18 months — was on trial just across London at Southwark Crown Court.

Hard to believe, but the heavily tattooed figure in the film is the same frock-coated schoolboy once pictured grinning alongside the younger boy he was mentoring at Eton, Prince William.

In fact these are online show-reels in which Nicholas Knatchbull, godson of Prince Charles, is simply illustrating his skill as a film-maker working under the nom de plume 5DN — Five Dimensional Nick.

But there is, we find, an important new love in the life of the Mountbatten heir.

The new Lord Mountbatten, 69, who was sent to Gordonstoun in order to keep Prince Charles company in the school that he hated, can do very little for himself these days and is seldom seen without his carers.The court heard how Badley, who is described as homeless, used the knife to cut the back of the woman’s knee.

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