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19-Jan-2018 22:30

[c:0|t:4|false] OCTET STRING (20 bytes) 725424b86895bddc0599da379ba2149fc5c98f60 .

[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (key Usage) .

[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (state Or Province Name) .

[c:0|t:19|false] Printable String ' Greater Manchester' .


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[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER . [c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (common Name) . [c:0|t:19|false] Printable String ' COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA 2' . [c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER 1.2.840.10045.2.1 (ec Public Key) .


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[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER 1.2.840.10045.3.1.7 (prime256v1) . With 33 subject alternative names this certificate can be used to secure multiple fqdn's.