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29-Oct-2017 01:38

Virtual Teen: Forums for teenagers to discuss puberty and sexuality, including puberty, masturbation, sex, homosexuality, bisexuality, and asexuality.

Teen Help: A Forum for teens who are questioning their own sexuality, gender identity issues, and other topics.

GLBT National Resource Database: With this site you will be able to find GLBTQ organizations and events near you.

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance Q-munity: A website that is designed to help you feel connected to others with the same GLBTQ questions and concerns, specifically for youths, thirteen to twenty year olds.

Trevor Chat is designed to be accessed through a computer, so you may have technical difficulties if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Instead, you can try the Lifeline or Trevor Text (see below).

The remainder was made up of ‘other’; ‘don’t know’; or those who refused to respond to the question.

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Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network: Promotes equality is school environments in order to protect the respect and acceptance of GLBTQ students; a resource for bullied GLBTQ students.Individuals can share GLBTQ friendly media suggestions.