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No other cars or people were in sight when I pulled over. The boy opened the door and smiled tentatively at me and tossed his backpack behind the front seat. Most women just need a little encouragement and the right situation to let their naughty side out. He had on sweat shirt with their name and I'd stopped less than five miles from the campus. I waited till he had the door closed and his seat belt fastened before I jammed the stun gun in his crotch and pressed the trigger down for a good five seconds. His body did that lovely little dance, all those lovely spasms when his muscles went all rigid and he shook and jerked. So if he was as bright as he looked he'd have it figured out on his own soon enough. I zapped him three more times before I got back to interrogating him."Let's start fresh shall we sweetheart. I knew it was headed to the incinerator the next morning. I made a fist once my fingers were in so my hand was bigger going in. Feeling the boy's entire body clench itself tight against my hand up inside him felt too good. I punched in and out past his sphincter a dozen times just to prolong his agony and prolong my fun. I like a boy who can express the pain he's in."I know it hurts hon. Scream and curse and feel the pain hon." God he was good. Or I get in a rush cause I really, really want to do a boy. Remembering how dreamy Momseemed after one of those weekends I couldn't resist asking her how it feltto kill a man. This was all the way back in nineteen ninety or so before the portable defrib machines became popular. But it's not if you remember that the reason womenlike Mom and me like to snuff men is because basically we like to hurt them,we like to make them suffer, we like taking everything thy have away fromthem.

No need to give the cops any more clues than necessary when this kid disappeared. My sond be surprised just how many cruel and wicked Moms are out there. His eyes bulged out in pain and his arms and legs were twitching like he was having some kind of a fit. If he'd been weaker it probably would have killed him. Later I checked his wallet and found out he was twenty. I'd guessed he was a student from the college up the road when I stopped. They're so much more fun to torture if they don't pass out the first time they feel a little bit of excruciating pain. I quit torturing the boy long enough to let the truck pass. You can control how much I hurt you by cooperating. And just who do you think is going to come looking for you? When the lighter popped out I lit up a Virginia Slim then pressed the lighter's metal ring, still glowing hot and orange, against the inside of Jimmy's left thigh. I saw the flames start in the truck as I pulled out of the parking lot. The bag I'd stuffed Charles money and wallet and ring in went into a dumpster miles from the parking lot. But I get fooled sometimes by their damn baggy clothes. But she was always in a good moodfor days after one of those very special sessions. The trick would be to revive him after each of the first few killsso we could do him again. He got her one of those semi-portable defibrillators. It sounds like the opposite of what you'd want to do ifyou wanted to kill a man.

Synopsis: Amanda Ryan is a vibrant young woman who likes to play rough, likes to play by her own cruel rules and just loves to play for keeps when she can get away with it. But I keep trying to equal that magnificent experience. I won My little reverie about how good it is to be cruel and wicked was interrupted by jimmyslut. Poor boy was so worn out he was half asleep even with the vibrators chewing away inside his asshole. Well buddy boy youd tortured him for hours but he was young and strong and he looked like he could last for days if we could control ourselves. I patted the mattress next to me and invited my sexy hot girl friend to join me. And her lips on my pussy send shivers up my spine every time. And judging from what our newest friend has hanging between his legs I think I know who wed brought him in from the garage. Seeing the blood throb in his prick like that made me want to mount the snuff puppet right then. My cruel little lover laughed, then nodded her head yes. I love the feel of a big fat dick sliding in and out my cunt.

I know two other Moms at my son's school who torture boys. And like me I figure they make their own opportunities when they can. He tried to scream but his jaw was locked up as wave after wave of delicious agony washed over his body. I laughed and shoved the gun between his legs again. After getting rid of that I went home and taught Frank a lesson he'd never forget. When I got bored with that I shoved my hand in as far as I could and started pinching things. The worst part is when I penetrated past your sphincter isn't it sweetie. So I get boy's whose sphincter muscle wears out after just a few thrusts of my fist in and out. I don't know what kind of exercises swimmer do but the kid had one of the tightest asses I'd ever fisted. I left one end poking out his butt so I could pull the wad out later. So prolonging their agony simply prolongs our pleasure. A few turns on the clamp holding the fucking machine to the bench and the end of the dildo was lodged firmly against his ass hole. Mom was laughing here head off as Trish and I tortured the two men and tried to finger fuck each other at the same time.